Working with Urban Building Group WA

Initial Consultation & Site Visit

At UBGWA, we commence our client journey with a comprehensive initial consultation, coupled with a site visit. During this meeting, our team endeavors to gain a sound understanding of your construction objectives. Through the site visit, we assess the terrain and conditions, enabling us to define the full scope of work required, ascertain the trades necessary for execution, and identify any regulatory permits necessary for the project’s success.

Quotation & Agreement

After the initial consultation and site assessment, UBGWA diligently formulates a detailed quotation and a comprehensive agreement. Our expert team, leveraging years of expertise, produces an estimated quote encompassing identified costs and defines a construction schedule. Throughout the estimation and procurement phase, UBWA collaborates closely with our trusted suppliers, ensuring accurate cost projections, and sourcing of materials and labor, thereby guaranteeing unparalleled quality performance and long-term cost-effectiveness. Once consensus is achieved regarding the construction schedule and budget, UBWA proceeds to commence construction promptly.

Construction Phase

The construction phase marks the commencement of the build-out process, managed by UBWA’s seasoned professionals. Every facet of the build-out is thoroughly planned to optimize efficiency and minimize construction workdays while upholding the highest standards of health and safety protocols. Our proficient team coordinates multiple trades to work concurrently, ensuring the seamless progression of the project. Depending on the project’s intricacies, this phase encompasses a range of activities, including site preparation, foundational work, structural framing, service connection, and fit-out, and concludes in practical completion.

Handover & Finalization

Upon the end of construction, UBGWA facilitates a thorough handover process, ensuring the agreed-upon scope of work has been attended to. Final inspections are conducted to guarantee adherence to quality standards, and any final payments are settled. The handover process typically entails a site meeting and final walkthrough, wherein any remaining touch-ups and cleaning are addressed. Additionally, UBWA provides comprehensive service manuals and maintenance directions, equipping clients with the necessary resources to ensure the seamless upkeep of their newly constructed assets.

UBGWA’s meticulous client process embodies our commitment to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction, ensuring every project is executed with unparalleled precision and professionalism.

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